Data That Works for You

MailChimp sends 20 billion emails every month for more than 10 million customers. We have the unique opportunity to understand email performance and turn our research into tools and resources that help you send better email.

Improving the email ecosystem

MailChimp's Email Genome Project is constantly analyzing email lists and addresses, and uncovering trends in the data. We use that information to create better experiences for you.

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Omnivore is MailChimp's abuse-prevention initiative, designed to keep our system clean by predicting bad behavior before a campaign gets out the door.

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Building tools for discovery

MailChimp helps you learn more about your list by discovering similar segments. Select a series of your subscribers that interest you, and we'll show you similar subscribers within your list.

Wavelength shows you newsletters that are similar to yours, so you can get to know other publishers like you.

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Sharing our work

Our data scientists regularly blog about their projects and insights, so you can stay up to date on how our data can help you.

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We have loads of research and reports about email topics and subscriber behavior.

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MailChimp's Big Data projects are all designed with your privacy in mind.

We use thresholds and privacy settings to protect our users and their subscribers, and we never show your personal information to other users. Read more about our commitment to privacy in our privacy policy.

The webs in the background are computer generated visualizations of actual datapoints collected by the Email Genome Project.