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October 31, 2007

MailChimp announces an enhanced Google Custom Search Engine(GCSE), a resource center for email marketing research. The custom search engine brings together the best sources on email delivery and marketing trends from 24 popular blogs and websites. The new resource library includes information drawn from the experience of delivering over 200 million emails for MailChimp subscribers.

MailChimp has complete control over the sources they add to their custom search engine. Users can search on terms such as “spam filters” and receive hundreds of helpful results explaining the current challenges and solutions for successfully delivering email. “We researched and gathered information from some of the best places on the Internet,” said Ben Chestnut, Co-Founder of MailChimp. “Three of our most popular sources come from experienced email marketers.”

Mark Brownlow’s Email Marketing Reports website most recently discussed blocked images, direct mail return on investment, and signup incentives. Brownlow’s site features newsletters, articles, reviews and advice for email marketers regardless of experience. Email Marketing Reports consists of over 50 categories and a daily blog with an average of 1,900 posts. “Brownlow’s Email Marketing Reports provides a significant amount of information MailChip subscribers and visitors can use to help them find answers to common questions,” said Chestnut.

Tamara Gielen’s BeRelevant! blog brings together a wealth of email marketing tips, tricks and resources on topics such as building and maintaining an email list, choosing an email vendor, designing and coding email newsletters, segmentation and targeting, lifecycle messaging, integrating email marketing in the marketing mix and more. BeRelevant! features a social network club for email marketers from all over the world. As Director of Email and Digital Dialogue Strategies at OgilvyOne, Gielen helps clients increase the ROI of their email campaigns.

Melinda Krueger, principal of Krueger Direct/Interactive, answers readers' questions on comparing industry averages, improving open rates, creating a contact strategy and more in her Email Diva column for the Email Insider. Krueger understands what motivates people to respond and analyzes response data for continuous improvement of email marketing campaigns.

Recently, MailChimp added Best Practices In Writing Email Subject Lines to the GSCE resource center, a report on the findings of subject lines and email open rates. The report encourages email marketers to keep subject lines short and descriptive, providing the recipient with a compelling reason to read the email’s body content.

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