Atlanta, GA (PRWEB)

February 5, 2008

MailChimp, an Atlanta-based email marketing solutions firm, announced today the addition of Google Analytics tracking in its email software. Email marketers can get a full “360 degree” view of what readers do with their emails.

“With Google Analytics and MailChimp, an e-Commerce site can easily track how many purchases were made directly as a result of a single email campaign,” said Ben Chestnut, Co-Founder of MailChimp. “Site owners can also track the exact pages visitors view and whether a purchase was made.”

Previously, subscribers would track clicks from an email campaign and then estimate the impact on new sales. Now they can tie the two events together perfectly and know definitively how an email campaign has contributed to the bottom line.

“We have seen some of the enterprise level email marketing services integrate with big, complicated site analytics packages, but that becomes too expensive for small businesses,” said Chestnut. “Google Analytics is super powerful and free.”

In order to take advantage of this new tracking feature, subscribers need to be running Google Analytics on their websites. Once installed, MailChimp subscribers can turn tracking on and off with one-click for each new email marketing campaign.

“Prior to using MailChimp, I spent several hours just tagging about 50 urls for our email campaigns,” said Tony Vernetti of an e-Commerce site that provides information, training tools, and tactical gear. “Now all I have to do is check a box and MailChimp does it all automatically. As a result, I can see how much revenue resulted from each email campaign, average conversion rates, and average transaction amount for each person who clicked through the email campaign.”

With one-click, MailChimp automatically adds the campaign title, date of creation, and medium (all the variables that Google Analytics needs) into each link of the subscribers' email campaign.

MailChimp has created a one page tutorial for adding Google Analytics tracking to your email campaigns at

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