Atlanta, GA (Marketwire)

July 31, 2008

Email provider MailChimp today announced the results of the inaugural Chimp Charts email industry report. The report analyzed the performance of over 223 million email messages delivered to recipients in over 50 industries revealing open rates, click rates and numerous other actionable campaign metrics organized by industry.

Results demonstrated that IT provider campaigns see a 62.28 percent open rate and publishing industry campaigns see a 45.98 percent open rate, much higher than the average of 26.05 percent. The publishing sector also sees the top click rate at 9.85 percent, while the Imports industry holds a close second at 8.95 percent. While IT leads significantly in open rates, its click rate of 1.01 percent is well below the average of 4.02 percent.

“The Chimp Charts reports offer a great way for marketers to set benchmarks and set expectations based on the industry they are reaching out to,” said Ben Chestnut, founder of MailChimp. “The data shows great variance in opens, clicks and other key metrics and marketers should be able to use this information to measure performance against as they design and deliver their campaigns.”

This report is the first of newly launched Chimp Charts, a series of email trend data studies to be released on a regular basis. Future Chimp Charts will examine a variety of trends and data points related to email marketing. This particular report, which also includes the average bounce, abuse and unsubscribe rates of email campaigns run by over 50 industry categories, is designed to help companies set reasonable goals and benchmarks for their campaigns, and optimize accordingly.

70 percent of MailChimp customers are small businesses who design their campaigns using the company’s self-service solution. Rather than using the same benchmarks used by large corporations with million-dollar marketing budgets and dedicated email marketing teams, smaller organizations can use the information provided in the study for an “apples to apples” comparison with others in their industry.

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