Atlanta, GA (Marketwire)

September 16, 2008

Email provider MailChimp today announced the availability of Google Analytics Integration, an add-on option to its self-service email marketing system that allows users to track performance and measure the ROI of their campaigns. Google Analytics Integration is the first solution to successfully import and integrate data from Google Analytics into its user interface. Types of data provided include page views, bounce rates, revenue created, average value per visitor, goal conversion and eCommerce transactions where applicable.

An estimated 70 percent of MailChimp subscribers also use Google Analytics. Instead of having to embed new code in their site to track visitor activity, as is the case with many of the large ESPs, all users can take advantage of the new functionality at no cost, and without having to make any code changes to their site.

Because Google Analytics does not provide an API, many users struggle with determining which data corresponds with which individual marketing event. Google Analytics Integration takes the guesswork out by singling out and displaying only the data relevant to the specific email campaign, giving marketers immediate insight into accurate and detailed results of their email efforts. Google Analytics Integration also calculates an eCommerce campaign’s ROI by deducting the cost of the campaign from the overall revenue it generated, providing an automatic view of the campaign’s success. The new feature is also useful for publishers looking to see the amount of page views generated by a particular campaign.

“We believe that this type of detailed reporting should be part and parcel of an email marketing solution, regardless of the size of the campaign,” said Ben Chestnut, CEO of MailChimp. “The Google Analytics Integration feature automates information such as ROI and generated revenue, which would ordinarily have to be calculated manually or via a third party solution, making it readily available on each user’s account. We’re taking care of the heavy lifting when it comes to aggregating performance metrics so that our clients can focus simply on their success, which should be all they have to think about.”

“Tracking and ROI were the features that attracted us to MailChimp in the first place,” noted David McCarty, Marketing Director for American Precious Metals Exchange. “We have been actively deploying email campaigns for years, but our previous provider gave us no way of knowing how email results mapped back to our overall business goals. We could see aggregate results, but the Google Analytics Integration gives us very simple, intuitive metrics that just contribute to MailChimp’s ease of use. We were able to pinpoint revenue generated from our very first email campaign with MailChimp, and we were thrilled to see over $157,000 in sales. It just keeps getting better, too.”

About MailChimp

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