Atlanta, GA (Marketwire)

September 29, 2008

Email provider MailChimp today announced that its users can see how their campaigns will render in various email clients and get advance warning on any deliverability issues using Inbox Inspector. MailChimp has partnered with ReturnPath to integrate this feature, which enables marketers to send their campaigns with confidence.

Email users employ a variety of email readers, both desktop and Web-based, all of which render emails a bit differently, making it virtually impossible to know how a campaign will display. With the click of a button, Inbox Inspector will take real screenshots of a campaign exactly as it would appear in the most popular email readers such as Outlook 2007, Lotus Notes, and Gmail, and will even include mobile devices like the Blackberry and Windows Mobile, as well as webmail services in France, Germany, and the UK. With Inbox Inspector you can see what your readers will see when they first open your email. It also offers horizontal and vertical preview panes, and “images off” mode, as this is often the default setting in most email readers.

Inbox Inspector also includes a spam filter check to ensure that no content in the body of the campaign or the subject line will trigger spam filters and undermine a campaign’s deliverability. Each Inbox Inspector report includes a high level overview of your spam score based on content analysis, and will determine whether or not your content will pass through spam filters and heavy-duty server filters and gateways. To further refine your email content and ensure deliverability, Inbox Inspector also provides a list of flagged content, showing you exactly what you need to change.

MailChimp has already seen over 10,000 Inbox Inspector reports generated by its clients, including Yankee Publishing, publisher of Yankee Magazine and the Old Farmer’s Almanac. “Our newsletters are extremely content-heavy; we include recipes, helpful gardening hints, horoscopes, and so much more, and it’s extremely important to us to know whether there are certain words included that may set off a spam filter,” said Dave Weisberg, New Media Manager, Yankee Publishing, Inc. “Our readers look forward to receiving these newsletters, and we want to make sure it gets to their inboxes safely. Since using the Inbox Inspector, we’ve received far fewer complaints from people saying our newsletters are coming through incorrectly.”

MailChimp’s Inbox Inspector is a fully integrated application through a partnership with ReturnPath, and does not require a separate login or additional coding within the email. In keeping with MailChimp’s goal of making email easier, users can simply copy and paste their content into the Inbox Inspector template and immediately start testing. The reports are sold in packs of three, or in larger bulk packs of 50, 200 and 300.

“In order to do this kind of email campaign testing on their own, customers would need to setup multiple test computers, install thousands of dollars worth of software, and pay for expensive per-seat annual subscriptions,” said Ben Chestnut, CEO, MailChimp. “That’s why only the largest e-retailers could do this sort of testing in the past. With Inbox Inspector, anybody can click one little button, and send compelling campaigns with confidence.”

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