Atlanta, GA (Marketwire)

October 7, 2008

Email provider MailChimp today announced the launch of a mobile version of its powerful email marketing application for the iPhone and other mobile devices, becoming the first email marketing service to offer this feature. The mobile application enables MailChimp users to access their accounts from anywhere, allowing them to check stats and performance of existing campaigns, read their “ChimpChatter” to get real-time updates about their email marketing, and easily subscribe people they meet to their email lists.

Using Yahoo’s recently launched Blueprint™ development platform, MailChimp’s mobile application works on a wide variety of phones, including iPhone, RIM Blackberry®, Nokia, Palm Treo and Windows Mobile devices. iPhone and Windows Mobile users can simply go to on their phones and sign in to be automatically redirected to the appropriate version. Users of other mobile devices can download the application from the Yahoo widget gallery (search “mailchimp”). After logging into the application, the main menu links to the dashboard, reporting and subscribe functions.

“We like to think of it as ‘MailChimp Lite,’” said Ben Chestnut, CEO of MailChimp. “It’s a way for our users to easily check in on their campaigns from wherever they are, to be aware of any issues and to track performance. The foundation of every product and service we develop is to make the email marketing experience easier for the user, and these mobile applications are yet another way to facilitate the process.”

Ecommerce company FoxyCart has been using MailChimp to facilitate a dialogue with their customers, to keep them up to date on new releases and other service information. “Everyone is so mobile these days; I might deploy or schedule an email campaign and then have to travel for a week, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to stay on top of how that campaign is running,” said Brett Florio, co-founder of FoxyCart. “This mobile application makes me feel secure that no matter where I am, I can be aware of any potential problems and resolve them immediately, and when they’re doing well, I want to know that too! I appreciate not having to be chained to my computer to monitor my email investment.”

About MailChimp

MailChimp supports more than 3 million subscribers worldwide, sending 3 billion emails per month. The MailChimp platform improves the user experience by providing seamless, yet powerful email marketing and publishing features that are easy and affordable enough for a small business to get started, but powerful enough for a large company looking for an enterprise level solution. MailChimp’s platform provides an open API used by more than 250,000 subscribers. MailChimp integrates with many third party applications including Facebook, Twitter, Eventbrite, SurveyGizmo, Salesforce, WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal and Google Analytics. And best of all, prices start at free.