Atlanta, GA (PRWEB)

January 26, 2009

We just launched our new , and now we want some customer case studies to show off. Fast.

So we’ve gotta bribe for you. We’re giving away free Apple iPhones to the first three customers who give us some good A/B testing examples that we can use in press releases and on our website.

If you manage email marketing for a client, do an A/B test on their next campaign. Run your own business? Think up some testing scenarios (below are some examples) and run some tests on your upcoming pre-holiday email campaigns. If your tests are cool enough to be featured, we’ll send you an iPhone.

The Rules

Don’t just send us any campaign. We’re looking for very nice examples that we can showcase. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • A reasonably large email list. We can’t feature an A/B test sent to 20 recipients. Send to at least a few hundred recipients.
  • A reasonably nice looking email campaign that we can showcase. Something jazzy. If it’s all plain-text, or really, really sloppy and ugly, we probably won’t pick it (unless you got some amazingly crazy-good results with the campaign).
  • We gotta get a quote for our press release. Something about what you (or your client) learned from the a/b test, what you tested, why you tested, etc. You get the gist.
  • The deadline is November 20th. Seriously, we want some case studies fast.
  • We’ll look through all the submissions, and pick the top three by December 1st.

Here’s how to submit your campaigns for consideration.

So what are you waiting for? If you run an A/B test, you’ll learn what works (and what doesn’t) and you’ll improve your email marketing ROI. Submit it to us for a showcase, and we’ll drive traffic to your (or your client’s) website. Plus, you’ll get an iPhone. Booyah.

A/B Split Testing Resources and Examples:

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