Atlanta, GA (PRWEB)

April 14, 2011

MailChimp today announced deployment of the SuretyMail accreditation service across its entire sending infrastructure delivering over 1.5 billion emails each month. Legitimate email messages, such as newsletters that email users subscribe to or promotions that they request, fail to get delivered to the inbox because they are mistaken as spam. SuretyMail provides confirmation to the Internet Service Providers (ISP) that the emails are permission-based and should be delivered to the inbox.

“SuretyMail has a proven track record in email deliverability,” said Brandon Fouts, Head of Delivery at MailChimp. “SuretyMail’s services are a perfect complement to our own when it comes to ensuring optimum deliverability for our clients' email. Coupled with MailChimp’s internal review system Omnivore and the Email Genome Project, SuretyMail further confirms the legitimacy of the emails delivered by MailChimp”

“MailChimp has proven themselves to be among the most committed of email service providers when it comes not only to email deliverability, but to ensuring that no email leaves their service unless it is a truly legitimate, requested email, and never spam,” said Anne P. Mitchell, CEO of the Institute of Internet Public Policy (ISIPP), providers of SuretyMail. “The fact that this industry leader has joined forces with SuretyMail is great news for email newsletter publishers and email marketers who want to ensure that their material is reaching the inboxes of those who wish to receive it.”

Because ISPs, email programs, and the various filters they employ can mistakenly label legitimate email as spam, SuretyMail offers an accreditation service that helps requested email get delivered to the inbox. Through an application process, SuretyMail makes sure that clients are adhering to email best practices, or helps them to get there if they are not already doing so. As long as these best-practice guidelines are adhered to, SuretyMail accredits their email, which is then more likely to be delivered to the inbox since ISPs and spam filters respect SuretyMail’s accreditation process.

SuretyMail is one of the core businesses of the Institute for Social Internet Public Policy (ISIPP), which provides analysis, information and consulting on industry issues relating to public policies and processes regarding spam, email, email deliverability, and the Internet.


About ISIPP SuretMail

ISIPP’s widely-acclaimed SuretyMail Email Accreditation service helps business email senders ensure that their email gets delivered to the inbox instead of the junk folder. Email senders around the world currently send more than 2 billion pieces of email a month backed by SuretyMail’s money-back guarantee. To join them, see

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