Atlanta, GA (PRWEB)

June 1, 2011

MailChimp today announced the Straker Human Translation Plugin. This integration gives MailChimp users a fast and cost-effective way to easily translate any MailChimp campaign draft into a multitude of languages quickly, and accurately.

Straker Translation offers MailChimp users an easy platform point of entry into online translation, and makes the task of managing global communications that much more manageable. All MailChimp drafts are accessible within the Straker Dashboard and can be selected for a quick quote and easy translation into the major commercial languages (Straker can translate content into over 140 languages). Straker is known for its speed of translation, and has continued to concentrate on improving translator efficiency to drive down cost and turnaround time—the average turnaround from English to Spanish for an email newsletter is 35 minutes. Straker specializes in multi-lingual services, providing extensive translation services, along with its own Multilingual CMS platform.

To get started create an account here and then log in to the Straker dashboard at Once logged in, users can input their API key to see all of their MailChimp drafts with an easy “Translation Quote” button next to each one. Users can then get a quote after selecting their source language and target language(s) and choosing between the Basic, Standard, or Premium options of translation. Straker then provides a brief overview of the job and its price, along with an input space for users to give any extra notes or instructions to the translators—this is where users can specify who is targeted, and what tone or voice should be used (at MailChimp we always use the informal “tu” form). Once the terms are accepted, the job is sent to Straker. Once finished, users can review it within the Straker Dashboard, and automaitcally create a MailChimp Campaign with the newly translated version.


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