Atlanta, GA (PRWEB)

August 18, 2011

MailChimp today announced its integration with Visage, a next generation image generation tool providing completely personalized images for each email recipient. Visage creates thousands of customized images in a flash for easy inclusion in a MailChimp email marketing campaign. Now MailChimp subscribers can can add further personal touches to their email conversations and encourage more interaction.

To customize an invitation image, Visage takes the MailChimp invitation and makes a custom image for each name on the list – now each readers’ invitations will have their own name in the image. This can be scaled for any number of lists and list members, from 1 to 1,000, and bringing further personalization to email campaigns. Visage templates are pre-built with custom font types and styling providing a photoshop-like effect when creating each unique image.

Visage features a variety of templates for use. Recipients could see their name featured on a street sign, concert announcement poster, mock text message, along with many other options. Users can also submit their own images to be turned into custom templates by the folks at Visage.

“I can’t wait to see how people use the platform to make their MailChimp campaigns more compelling. With our dynamic imagery platform, it should provide businesses a path to create more personal email campaigns in a way that’s just not currently possible,” said Motobias CTO Forrest Maready.

To get the same effect in the past would have taken hours of photoshop work, maybe even days depending on the size of the email list. This is a simple-to-use solution that saves users a bunch of money as it’s starting out completely free.

“MailChimp was a no brainer for us when we were deciding who first to work with,” said Motobias CTO Forrest Maready. “Their API is easy to work with and their enthusiasm for trying something new was off the charts.”

Right now, users sign up at for their Visage account, and input their MailChimp API key. They then pick from Visage’s gallery of pre-existing templates or submit their own image via email that the Visage team will turn into a custom template. After that, they’ll pick which MailChimp list to use and which fields from the list to automatically fill into the custom images. The data is then sent to the cloud, and when it comes back Visage users get an image for each member of the selected mailing list. It’s a seamless process that provides a deeper level of interaction between client and customer.


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