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October 19, 2011

MailChimp today announced the launch of the OnStage application, a collaborative email campaign editing solution. OnStage provides a single location for MailChimp subscribers to showcase email campaigns prior to sending. It streamlines the email campaign feedback process, allowing for quicker and closer collaboration between colleagues.

A common bottleneck in the creation of email campaigns is the review process. An email draft is carefully crafted, a test email is sent, but now it must be looked over by several sets of eyes, many of which will want to see some changes. The revisions are made, but this leads to another round of review. The flurry of emails back and forth can be cumbersome, and details can be overlooked in the noise. OnStage eliminates this email game of telephone tag.

OnStage lets email creators present an email draft to their boss and colleagues all at once. The email draft is pulled directly from the creator’s MailChimp Campaign, displaying it for all participants in the presentation. The audience can then converse about it in OnStage’s “Peanut Gallery,” proposing changes and giving real time critique with its chat function. The chat can be easily filtered, letting the creator focus on one or two voices in the conversation. OnStage also provides a simple, collaborative to-do list that saves key feedback points, and easily lays out requested changes. The to-do list is easily updated and augmented by the creator and users alike. Annotated changes can be added to the campaign when users click exactly on the part of the email campaign that needs fixing and writing in their thoughts or solutions. These points are then automatically added to the to-do list.

After the initial showcase, suggested changes are then made to the original email, after which its creator can head back to OnStage for another round of feedback. This process can be repeated as many times as needed until it’s given the go ahead for sending.

This is a nifty way to keep the conversation in one place, facilitating close, easy collaboration.

The service is completely free. All it takes is a MailChimp account, an email campaign, and someone(s) who likes to edit other people’s work.

To get started, head over to Once there, a user will log in with their MailChimp credentials. They can then pick a campaign to showcase and invite participants. After everyone arrives via a unique link, the collaborative process begins.

OnStage was developed by MailChimp Labs. MailChimp Labs has released a slew of innovative, at times irreverent, email apps and projects, including Chimpadeedee, Omnivore, the Email Genome Project, and LOLCode.


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