Atlanta, GA (PRWEB)

October 25, 2011

MailChimp today announced the launch of Hairball, a new desktop application to manage complex email list segmentation. MailChimp currently limits the number of options for list segmentation inside the web application. Subscribers with complex list profiles as well as large lists often require more filtering options than are available inside the application. Now with Hairball subscribers can create unlimited segments of their list and easily transfer these new segments to their MailChimp account.

Hairball is an Adobe Air application that allows users to import their MailChimp account data onto their desktop computer and build as many segments as they’d like within the offline app. After the lists segments are completed (Hairball even supports segments within segments), Hairball then re-syncs with MailChimp online and creates new static segments inside the MailChimp application for sending a campaign.

To use Hairball, first install Adobe Air on your desktop ( Then download Hairball from MailChimp (see links below by operating system), enter in the appropriate account info and MailChimp API Key, and then start picking lists to download into Hairball. Subscribers can also download campaign activity reports (who opened and who clicked on previous campaigns).

Hairball has been tested with lists of up to 10 million email addresses and for accounts with over 2 years sending history. This application was created in part to meet the needs of our largest senders – currently MailChimp’s largest customer sends over 40 million emails each month.



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