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October 26, 2011

MailChimp today announced the launch of its MailChimp status page. This page displays access times across 26 servers distributed around the world. As MailChimp’s subscriber base has grown it has become essential to monitor the user’s experience around the world. This tool now makes this information available directly to all subscribers.

The MailChimp Status Page gives more than a red light, green light rundown of the servers, providing users with an accurate display of how fast MailChimp is performing in certain key geographic regions. Manchester, Sydney, New Orleans, New York, and Buenos Aires are just a few of the many locations.

In the spring of 2010 MailChimp began using Akamai’s Web Application Accelerator solution to improve performance for remote subscribers. Currently more than 45% of MailChimp subscribers are international. Before deploying the Akamai solution solution, it was difficult for subscribers in New Zealand to complete their tasks using the MailChimp web application. With the Akamai’s accelerator service, the application performs well around the world with all of MailChimp’s servers based in the US. Currently MailChimp has data centers in Virginia and New York and in November will be adding three new data centers (one in New York and two in Dallas) to support the continuing subscriber growth.

The Status Page is run using the application monitoring service provided by Webmetrics ( This service strategically places computers across the globe and performs a preset series of actions within MailChimp. The service times the average completion of these operations. The Webmetrics service logs in, checks the dashboard, opens a campaign screen, opens the reports screen, views a campaign report, returns to the dashboard, and then logs out. The average times are then displayed next to the current cycle times at each location. For example, one can see Atlanta’s last cycle took 5.62 seconds, but the average for Atlanta is 7.05 seconds. This makes for an easy point of reference for users, who can see if it’s them or if it’s MailChimp that’s running slowly. If MailChimp appears to be running fine, there’s a connection speed test module located on the status page to test the user’s Internet connection quickly and efficiently.

MailChimp’s performance status can always be checked via @mailchimpstatus on Twitter.


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