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June 05, 2012

MailChimp today announced its integration with isocket, a self-service ad platform. This integration makes it easier for MailChimp’s million-plus users to make money from their email newsletters. isocket already manages direct and self-service premium ad sales for websites, and this partnership with MailChimp enables isocket to handle email ad sales.

Email publishers are busy people. They create content, talk to their audience, and grow their subscriber base, and it can be difficult and time consuming for them to monetize their email newsletters. To do so, they must start, grow, and manage advertising relationships. Keeping ad buyers happy takes time, and it takes different skills than creating great email content.

isocket is a leading direct and self-service ad community. It powers ad sales for some of the web’s most trusted publishers, including Techcrunch, Mashable, and Venturebeat. By partnering with MailChimp, isocket gives publishers a powerful and easy-to-use platform for managing email ad sales.

“Email is undervalued as a direct ad sales channel. While it can perform super well, it’s historically been a giant tedious pain to buy and sell newsletter ads directly,” says John Ramey, isocket founder and CEO. “isocket is the easiest way for people to do website ad sales, so it just made sense to support email too. Now publishers can make more money from quality advertisers in just a few clicks, while advertisers get exactly the newsletter spaces they want without the hassle.”

With isocket and Mailchimp, the process for email publishers to make money, and for advertisers to reach their audience becomes both simple and repeatable. An advertiser reaches out to the publisher via isocket’s ad sales site,, the publisher and advertiser agree to terms, and then the correct ad creative is automatically placed directly into the purchased spot in the desired MailChimp newsletter. The ad is then sent in the newsletter, analytics and reports are shared with all parties, payment is received and the entire advertising relationship is handled via isocket.

This is good for MailChimp’s many publishers who create and send beautiful emails. Their newsletters go to millions of subscribers who represent a valuable audience. It’s now simpler for those publishers to be paid what they deserve, for their subscribers to receive relevant offers, and for companies to reach people who would like to hear from them.

Publishers can apply to join isocket at, and organizations interested in purchasing ads from one of isocket’s members can visit


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