Atlanta, GA

September 24, 2013

MailChimp today announced an integration with Uberflip’s new content marketing tool, Hubs. Hubs allows an organization to collect all the content they publish across various online channels into a single site that they control. The MailChimp integration for Uberflip Hubs makes it easy for marketers to link a Hubs call-to-action, such as a newsletter signup form, to the MailChimp list of their choice. Hubs users can also send specified customers an automatically generated weekly summary of their organization’s Hub content.

Uberflip’s Hubs platform aims to help businesses create a better content marketing experience for their audience. Marketers can create a consistent and branded experience for all of their content, including blogs, videos, tweets, PDFs and more, without needing to understand HTML. Additionally, Hubs are responsively designed to work on any device and marketers can add a contact form or newsletter subscription form anywhere within their hub. The service also provides metrics and reporting so a team can see which content resonates with their audience.

The new MailChimp integration for Hubs makes it easy to sync any information collected from a Hubs call-to-action with a specific MailChimp list. Users can also setup an automatic weekly MailChimp email campaign to keep subscribers up-todate on new content or updates posted to their Hub.

“Uberflip Hubs empower marketers to take control of their content by creating a centralized, responsive and engaging front-end experience with no programming required. A key element of Hubs is the ability to instantly place a strong call to action alongside each piece of content, such as an email sign up form.” says Yoav Schwartz, CEO and Founder of Uberflip. “The integration with MailChimp means that marketers can automate the entire process - from signup to email campaign - without involving IT time and resources.”