Atlanta, GA

October 1, 2013

MailChimp today announced Campaign InSight for Google Glass, the next integration to come out of their Integration Fund. Campaign InSight makes it easy for MailChimp users to view their email campaign reports right on their Google Glassware. Users can check open rates, click rates, unsubscribes, and other key analytics on Google’s new wearable computer.

Campaign InSight allows MailChimp users to instantly access their recent email campaign reports from anywhere. Users can monitor recent campaign statistics like opens, clicks, spam complaints, and unsubscribe rates. Additionally, if they have MailChimp’s eCommerce360 enabled, they can instantly see how many orders have been generated from a given campaign, along with the total dollar value or ROI for the campaign.

“In my own meetings, I noticed that we’d frequently want to review recent campaign stats to make decisions on how to move forward,” said Campaign InSight’s creator Dan Baran. “When decisions are based on data it is important to have the data always available to you. For me, Google Glass was the easiest way to immediately access the information without having to pull myself away from the meeting.“

“We want MailChimp to be everywhere our users are,” said Amy Ellis, Head of Integrations and Partnerships for MailChimp. “While we’re constantly creating mobile apps and integrations internally, the integration fund allows us to expand where our users can access MailChimp even faster. If our users are using Google Glass, we need to be there. And now we are.”

Campaign InSight is available in the Google Glass marketplace. For more information on Campaign InSight and a full listing of MailChimp integrations, visit MailChimp’s Integrations Directory.


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