Atlanta, GA

October 30, 2013

MailChimp today announced the release of a new Mandrill integration from sendwithus, a saas solution that aims to give marketers more control of their transactional emails. The integration allows users to connect the Stripe payment platform with Mandrill, MailChimp’s transactional email service. Once connected, Stripe payment notification emails are powered by Mandrill’s sending engine, allowing marketers to customize their notification email templates, track opens and clicks, and even add additional triggers for notifications such as failed payments or soon-to-be-lapsed subscriptions.

Thousands of businesses use Stripe to accept payments online. Sendwithus makes it easy to connect a Stripe account with Mandrill, so businesses can quickly configure customer notification emails without needing to write code. Using sendwithus and Mandrill, marketers can create html email templates so that every notification email matches their brand. They can also monitor performance through open and click data and set up A/B testing.

“Payment notifications are a core function of every online business, and an important part of the customer experience. Too often these emails are written and owned by development teams, and updating them is a painful, time consuming process. At sendwithus, we aim to change that. This integration puts marketing and product teams in control of these high-value payment emails, without involving developers,” said Matt Harris, CEO for Sendwithus.

“We know from experience that it’s important for a marketing team to be able to customize, test and iterate on all the emails sent to a user,” said Amy Ellis, Head of Integrations and Partnerships for MailChimp. “These teams have specific goals for their soon-to-be-lapsed subscription notifications, their new member notifications and every email in between. We’re excited that the sendwithus integration makes it easier for that marketing team to create customize and track those notifications.

Mandrill is able to ensure fast, reliable delivery of transactional emails as it is built on MailChimp’s email infrastructure that is responsible for sending 4 billion emails per month for over 3 million customers. Mandrill’s transactional email service, which is in basic terms a service to send email to an individual based on an action they performed, provides pay as you go pricing that starts at free, superior speed and deliverability, reporting and analytics, and a host of other features.


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Sendwithus is a platform for marketers to control the transactional email their product sends. sendwithus works with growth-focused marketers to bring insight and optimization to valuable customer messaging typically owned by development teams. For more information, visit