Automated one-to-one emails Paid Feature

Autoresponders are one-to-one emails that improve your reader’s experience. Send helpful tips about a recent purchase, wish someone a happy birthday with a coupon, or welcome a new subscriber with a funny photo.

MailChimp’s event-based triggers let you send autoresponders based on opens, clicks, purchases, and other factors you select in your emails. Follow up on an order care instructions for the item a few days after purchase. Set up an educational series to walk new users through your service. Or if you find that certain readers click all your video links, send them a subsequent email that includes a video feature on your website. Make the most of autoresponders by combining them with some of MailChimp’s other features, like list segmentation, Google Analytics integration, and merge tags.

Choose the exact time of day you want your autoresponders to go out, or use the time you imported your list as the trigger date.

The best part? After you set up an autoresponder, you don’t have to think about it again—we’ll make sure your campaigns get to your subscribers, right on time.

Autoresponder configuration. This is a paid feature.