Introducing Marketing Automation

MailChimp’s new automation features help you deliver exactly what your customers need at just the right time. Send personalized emails, recommend products based on purchase history, reward loyal customers, and more. Our Workflows make it easier than ever to get started with marketing automation, and give you room to grow.

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Welcome new customers

New customers might need a little help getting started with your product or service. Set up a single email or onboarding series to show them everything your business has to offer.

Follow up on website activity

Use our Goal integration to email customers who navigate to a specific page from your campaign. Or convert interested subscribers into customers by sending relevant information based on what they viewed on your site.

Put purchase data to use

Send customers special care instructions and product recommendations based on their previous purchases from your store. Reward your top spenders, and gather feedback on everyone's shopping experience.

Email about events

Send a series of emails leading up to and after your next event. Remind people of the place and time, ask them to sign up for SMS messaging for quick updates, and send a survey to ask attendees about their experience.