“MailChimp is different from other places I have worked because it is a really collaborative environment and everybody is kind of rooting for me.”

Neel, Data Scientist

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“The thing that really inspires me and makes me love MailChimp is how committed and passionate everyone is to the mission of the company, which is to help small businesses be successful.”

Lizzy, Research Lead

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“Everybody I get to work with makes me want to learn more, work harder, and even just be a better person.”

Coty, Director of Data Systems

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“I'm interested in bringing the best products to our customers and building the best product design team in the world.”

Eric, Director of Design Operations

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“I think what makes MailChimp different is the focus on diversity and inclusion and the culture.”

Sarah, Assistant Director of Support

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“MailChimp is fearless. We take chances on a lot of very strange, weird ideas—and usually come out with something great.”

Aaron, Paralegal

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“I came in not having any technical experience and MailChimp took a chance on me.”

Josh, Recruiting Specialist

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“MailChimp is the kind of place that I can see myself for years going forward.”

Joanna, Front-End Developer

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