Why I meditate

Hustle Crew’s founder and CEO on the importance of self-reflection.
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For small business owners who often have a thousand things spinning on a hundred different plates, finding the time to meditate is the first hurdle to overcome. The second hurdle is doing it well. 

Abadesi Osunsade, founder of career advancement programme Hustle Crew, a community offering skills workshops for minority groups, and bias and inclusion workshops for organisations, explains how to get started.

‘I recommend an app called Simple Habit because I think before you get to the point where you're really good at doing it on your own, finding the right type of guided meditation is incredibly helpful, whether it's the topic, the theme or the voice of the person,’ she says. ‘There are some ridiculously specific ones, like “Resilience for Busy Female Founders”.

‘What I love about meditating is that it helps with your emotional regulation. You might be having a good week but then suddenly everything feels like it's going wrong; it‘s very easy for cortisol, the stress hormone, to take over. 

‘Meditating helps you create the space between an event and your reaction. There's so much power in that moment – you can fight instinct and choose not to give in to that stress response and actually have compassion for yourself or the person who‘s annoying you.

‘Entrepreneurs choose a difficult and often unrewarding path. Meditation helps to deal with the things that come with this life: it builds resilience and helps filter things.’ 

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