Making space for inspiration

How to focus your energy

Beth Wilkinson is the founder of artisanal print and creative company Oak Park Studio, and founder of Lindsay magazine, a print and online publication celebrating culture and place.

‘It's so easy to get sucked into the day-to-day stuff when you're running your own business, but any time that I do pause and reflect, one of the most obvious things I identify is how necessary it is to have space for inspiration,’ says Beth.

Sometimes reflecting means channeling her creativity in a different direction, one that has nothing to do with work, which positively influences her professional creativity.

‘During our first lockdown, a friend of mine in New York posted on Instagram offering a spreadsheet of film suggestions. I love cataloguing films and making lists. So when I saw it, I thought: this is something so many people would love – let's turn it into a website.’

‘We designed the site, wrote little synopses over a week or two, and launched it: it's called Very Good Films.’

‘It's very colloquial and personal. After Lindsay, which is so considered and is a patient process, it was nice to do something immediate, which we created literally because we wanted to.’