How I live: haircare brand founder Dianna Cohen

One day with the Crown Affair founder

‘I’m obsessed with hair,’ says Dianna Cohen, founder of new haircare company Crown Affair. The idea came after seeing the gap between styling and wellness in the haircare market and began as a ‘nights-and-weekends’ project to create a better product that she felt connected to.

‘In the morning, I’ll pour some cold brew, do my skincare routine, exercise, catch up on podcasts and then I’m on my computer working for most of the day. I try to set breaks, so I switch rooms. At 3pm, I’ll go into my bedroom and call my mom, which is a huge part of my day.’

‘I’m a big self-care person. There are things that I need to do on a daily basis to make sure I’m showing up as my best self – and brushing my hair has become such a touchstone for me.’

‘There are a ton of hidden gems here. Brooklyn Fare is secretly the best grocery in all of Manhattan. There’s a Michelin-starred restaurant in the back, Chef’s Table.’

‘I’ve lived in New York for 11 years and I live with my fiancé in Hudson Yards. There’s just so much more space here: We’re on the 22nd floor and face a courtyard. It’s an oasis.’

‘Art is a huge part of our lives . My fiancé and I met through MoMA. We also collect art in an emerging way. There’s not a ton of wall space here, but we have a couple of fun pieces.’

‘I have The Five Minute Journal and write in it twice a day. It’s the one thing I use to keep myself accountable. What am I doing with my life if I can’t make five minutes to be grateful?’

Oct 12, 2020
Photographed by

Levi Mandel

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