Lockdown diary: Athens

Featuring designer Stefani Stoyanof

Born in Greece but raised in Texas, Stefani runs the jewellery brand Swim To The Moon. She and her husband, photographer Marco Argüello, moved to Greece three years ago. 'We thought, where can we live as freelancers and have a creative lifestyle? Athens was the perfect choice.'

‘I’ve stayed sane during lockdown by keeping my mind occupied on creative projects.’

‘I’m self-taught – I took silversmith classes for fun and watched a lot of YouTube videos. I wanted to create jewellery you can wear everyday and that becomes your second skin.'

‘In the last month, I’ve spent a lot more time designing and creating new pieces or reinventing old ones. It’s important to let your imagination run wild.’

‘The most terrifying thing is my e-shop sales and wholesale accounts. But you can only try and stay positive and keep doing what you can to make your business survive. I remain hopeful!’

Jul 07, 2020
Photographed by

Marco Arguello

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