Lockdown diary: Geelong

Featuring chef Aaron Turner

Aaron is one of Australia’s most celebrated chefs and the brains behind Igni and Hot Chicken Project. His day-to-day lockdown life is far from gentle – he’s opening Tacos y Liquor, a tiny ‘stationary taco truck’ in Geelong, which is where we caught up with him.

'The space is a tiny corner spot that gets all the morning and afternoon light.'

‘When I was 21 I travelled around the world and made my way to Mexico. I wasn't a chef, but it was on that trip that I started cooking, found my love and changed careers.’

‘Tacos y Liquor was on its way and we’d paid for a lot of things already, so we thought “Why not?” and pushed ahead with it. Let’s see if we can open a restaurant in a pandemic!’

‘The love of street tacos in LA and Mexico – we didn’t have anything like that in Geelong. Tacos y Liquor is tiny, but you can make a lot of tacos out of a small kitchen.’

Jul 07, 2020
Photographed by

Julian Kingma

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