Lockdown diary: London

Featuring dog trainer Leila McNeelance

Leila McNeelance is founder of Huxley & Hooch, a dog training and behaviour consultancy. A dog-lover, she started taking behaviour courses and attending live seminars – and was hooked. Now a qualified trainer, she’s shifted to remote video sessions during the pandemic.

‘I'm very young in a very old industry – and I still get imposter syndrome all the time.’

‘Our dog Hux is lovely, but he has so many issues. Through training him, I realised I love working with anxious dogs and rescue dogs – it’s really rewarding.’

‘The process of getting ready automatically makes me feel more productive, regardless of what I’m doing with my day. It's usually just making sure I get dressed and do my skincare routine.’

‘I set three times during the day to check email. We’ve become so used to instant information that sometimes we forget we’re human. Setting boundaries helps to feel less pressured.’

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