Lockdown diary: Los Angeles

Featuring composer Roy Werner

Roy Werner is a composer working under the alias G.S. Sultan. With a European tour cancelled because of the pandemic, he’s at home in LA’s Altadena neighbourhood with his photographer wife Maggie and devoting more attention to the minutiae of daily life.

‘I studied sonic arts and technology – my degree was effectively experimental composition.’

'We live northeast of the city in a little area called Altadena, more commonly known as Pasadena. It's a little more suburban and very quiet. We've been here almost three years now.'

'My music is principally digitally-based, so I don't need too much space or equipment. Lately, though, I've had a lot of time sitting at my piano, practicing and trying techniques.’

'With music during quarantine, I’ve had to invert the work/leisure relationship. Something you derived pleasure from in your leisure time becomes the only thing that you can do!'

Jul 07, 2020
Photographed by

Maggie Shannon

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