Meet Remington Matters

Designing custom furniture and lighting

Remington Matters and his team design furniture and lighting solutions for retail, restaurants, residential and more.

The greatest lesson he has learned is to never give up on learning. ‘As a studio we value the time and input of others and believe that everyone has something they can teach you.’

With workshops in Perth and Adelaide, they specialise in creating fit-outs for cafés, restaurants, breweries and gelaterias – using everything from terrazzo and brass to timber.

‘As a furniture designer, you design with many factors in mind, and things don’t always come out as planned. The years we spent in the workshop perfecting our craft is a constant reminder that nothing is ever perfect. You will never truly know the future of your product.’

Furniture and objects have become increasingly disposable over the years, he says. ‘No longer do these pieces tell us stories through their chips and knocks.

‘We’re committed to making furniture that takes on a personality and tell stories in its patina, creating a closed loop, to age in the hands of those who attain it.’

Sep 28, 2020
Photographed by

Josh Geelen

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