Sheep Inc. and the rise of ultra-traceable fashion

Born in New Zealand, spun in Italy and 3D-knitted in Spain, Sheep Inc.’s unisex merino jumpers are not only carbon-negative (a world first) but each allows you to track a sheep with your phone (also a world first).

Sheep Inc. works with only ZQ-certified merino wool growers in New Zealand.

Omarama Station is a 12,000-hectare merino farm and farmstay in New Zealand’s South Island High Country.

Wool is shorn from the herd, cleaned of oil and dirt, then spun in a mill in Italy that runs entirely on renewable energy.

Ear tags raise awareness of provenance, allowing you to track the day-to-day life of the sheep your jumper came from – when it last had a haircut, even whether it has had lambs.