My daily routine

Featuring Edouard Massih of Edy's Grocer

‘I wake up around 6.15 and scroll on Instagram for a bit. That’s how I open my eyes, which is really bad. Then I put on music, get ready and head to the store. I live just down the road.’

‘Bethenny Frankel has a new podcast talking to different entrepreneurs, which works great with what’s going on in my life. I’ll listen to that and get my soups and sauces going. I’m big on doing them before anybody else gets in the door so I’m not distracted.’

‘The rest of the team – we’re a team of 12 – gets in around 7.30 or 8 and my kitchen manager gets the kitchen going.’

At 9, I’ll have my breakfast and take a break. That’s when my assistant comes in and we go over what’s going on that day.’

‘There’s lots of cooking, deliveries, Instagram stories, everything. I try to get out of the kitchen around 2 or 3 and head to the office – it’s a few doors down the street.’

‘I’ll work with my assistant on emails, new menu items, designing things, shipping stuff and new projects.’

‘I like to work out to videos. Some days I can only do a 15-minute workout and others I can do a 60-minute boot camp – it all depends on my mood, how much sleep I’ve gotten and how drained I am from the store. I try to work out at least five days a week to keep the body afloat.’

‘The store closes at 7, so I’ll go back, help with taking out the trash, count the drawers and lock up around 8.’

‘Then it’s back home for TV, dinner, sleep and repeat – seven days a week. It’s not a normal life any more… you can’t really go out and do anything!’