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Beautiful designs made for you

Our new Creative Assistant gets to know your brand, then creates and resizes designs for you instantly so you can build better marketing and grow your sales. It’s pretty sweet.

Designed to get attention and results

It’s the first AI-powered design tool* in a major online marketing platform that makes beautiful multichannel designs for you. See how we can create designs that give you a professional look and help drive engagement.

*As compared to Shopify, GoDaddy, Hubspot, CM Commerce, Constant Contact, Active Campaign, Wix, Squarespace, Zoho, Klaviyo, Mailerlite, Sendinblue, and Aweber.

Generate designs with the click of a button

What makes the Creative Assistant special? It lets you choose from designs made uniquely for you, meaning your next multichannel campaigns are just a click away.

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Created with your brand in mind

To get you started, we import your brand’s assets and house them in a brand kit, allowing you to create custom designs using your brand colors, fonts, logos, and images. Easy peasy.

Make it you, then make it happen

With our brand personality settings, you now have control over the look and feel of your designs for every asset we create for you, giving you a cohesive brand look across your marketing touch points.

Edit with incredible ease

We use design best practices and AI to ensure your designs are both beautiful and consistent across channels, but you still have the final say to easily make adjustments before publishing.

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Resize and publish like a pro

Beautiful designs are one thing, but being able to resize and publish them easily for multiple platforms is what makes the Creative Assistant like nothing else.

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Together we’ll make your marketing shine

“We’ve already started relying on the Creative Assistant to create designs for our email and social channels. The designs always come out consistent with our brand and allow us to promote different products quickly and easily.”

Ilya Dorfman, Owner of De Wine Spot


  • How to design a newsletter in Mailchimp

    Sending out an email newsletter can be a great way to boost engagement, promote company updates, and provide value to your customers. Creating and distributing newsletters as part of your email marketing strategy can also be a very cost-efficient way to promote your product and establish your brand.

    In order for people to read your company’s newsletter, though, it has to look good. This is where email design software like Mailchimp comes into play. Using Mailchimp’s email design tools, you can easily create newsletters and other creative assets that align with your brand’s style.

    One of the quickest and easiest ways to design a newsletter in Mailchimp is to use our Creative Assistant. Our Creative Assistant is an AI-powered email template design tool that you can leverage to create sleek emails for your marketing campaigns. With our Creative Assistant, you can also make a variety of other original creative assets, from logos to images.

    To design a newsletter in Mailchimp, start by creating a campaign. Once you choose an audience to send emails to and name your campaign, you can start taking advantage of our email design platform. Choose from one of our creative email template designs, use Creative Assistant, or build your own newsletter with our drag and drop editor. Then all you have to do is write your newsletter and send it out to your audience.

  • What are the characteristics of a good newsletter design?

    To design a good newsletter, consider taking some basic style guidelines and marketing principles into account. Using Mailchimp’s email template design software, you can consistently produce visually appealing newsletters that viewers will want to read. Nevertheless, here are some things that every good newsletter should have:

    • A header: A header appears at the top of a newsletter and should include your company’s name and logo.
    • Brand consistency: Everything from the colors you use to the font you pick should be consistent with your brand. Consider going with a color palate your brand regularly uses or matching the colors on your brand’s logo. In any case, make sure you pick colors and fonts that make the newsletter easy to read.
    • Contact information: At the very least, your newsletter should include a link to your company website. Additionally, it can be a good idea to include your brand’s social media links somewhere in the email.
    • Compelling imagery: If you include imagery, make sure you use high-quality photos or videos. Also, make sure any imagery is compatible with the color scheme you’re using.
    • A call to action: Encourage readers to take action, whether it’s visiting your company website, purchasing a particular product, or following you on social media.
  • How do I edit HTML emails?

    Mailchimp allows you to code your own email newsletter template or import HTML files to create a template. To access the template HTML code, click Campaigns, navigate to Email templates, find the template you’d like to edit, and click Edit. From there, you can use Mailchimp’s email template design tools to customize your design or edit the code directly.

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Our Creative Assistant is ready to go and, with just the click of a button, will create beautiful multichannel designs unique to you and your brand.

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