Lookalike Audience Finder

Find new people with the help of your best customers

Mailchimp's lookalike audience finder works with social ads to help you reach more people. We use your Marketing CRM data and our large audience network to find new lookalike audiences who are similar to your contacts.

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Take what you know

Use your marketing CRM data and our lookalike finder to craft custom audiences.


Add what we know

We’ll use our network of 4 billion audience members to find you similar people.


Find the right people

Mailchimp helps you get your brand in front of the audience you’re looking for.

Around 70% of global marketers think finding shoppers who really like their stuff is challenging. However, our lookalike audience builder helps you find the best people to talk to.

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Use lookalike audiences to find new friends for your business with social ads

Take the guesswork out of finding new customers by creating social ads in Mailchimp. You can use our audience finder for your Instagram and Facebook campaigns and gain access to custom audience or top-performing segments to target people who are interested in what you have to offer so that you can get more for your money.

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Power your multi-channel campaigns with lookalike audience finder

When you use social ads to grow your audience base, you can use your other marketing channels to encourage new people who are interested in your brand to become loyal customers.

Learn how it's done


  • How do I get a lookalike audience?

    You can get a lookalike audience by using Mailchimp’s lookalike audience finder. This tool empowers you to expand your audience and find potential customers who are a lot like your existing contacts. This way, you can find new friends on Facebook and Instagram to show your ads to. Our lookalike audience builder also lets you send postcards to people similar to your VIP contacts, which are prospects or customers who frequently engage with your brand.

    To curate your lookalike audience, we take a look at the data gathered from your contacts. From their demographic to their age, there’s plenty we already know about them, so finding a similar audience is simple. While the new people you target won’t be added to your contacts, the likelihood of them opting in or engaging with your marketing campaigns is high.

  • How do lookalike audience builders work?

    Finding the right audience for your products or services shouldn’t be a challenge. With the help of a lookalike audience, your brand can reach people who are likely to engage with your brand in some way. Our lookalike audience builder follows a three-step process:

    1. Use existing data from contacts in your marketing CRM to create a custom audience.
    2. Combine what you know with what we know from our network to find similar shoppers.
    3. Get your social ads in front of the right people.

    Our lookalike finder works on Instagram and Facebook, so you can ensure your campaigns are profitable and get your money’s worth.

  • How to create a Mailchimp lookalike audience on Facebook?

    If you’re planning to run an ad on Facebook, here’s how to use Mailchimp to create a lookalike audience:

    1. Connect your Mailchimp to Facebook if you haven’t already, and create an attractive advertisement with our Ad Builder.
    2. Once you reach the Audience step of the Ad Builder, select New people as your audience.
    3. Move through the Ad Builder steps until you can submit the ad for review.
    4. When the ad is approved by Facebook, it’ll be seen by potential customers who are sure to love your brand.

    After your ad is published on the social media platform, you’ll receive detailed reports to measure its engagement. This allows you to refine your marketing strategy to increase engagement and boost sales.

  • Should I use a Facebook lookalike audience?

    Facebook is a major social networking platform, and by advertising to a lookalike audience, you can boost your sales and create loyal customers. With the help of Mailchimp, your Facebook ads can reach an audience that has similar interests and behaviors or demographics. You can then segment your audience further by age and gender.

    Not only does an audience finder introduce your brand to new consumers, but it also allows you to bring attention to the product or services you offer. Plus, people who engage with your ads will be added to your contacts, allowing you to grow your list of VIPs.

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