Abandoned Cart

Get shoppers back to their carts

69% of shoppers abandon their carts before checking out. Mailchimp gives you a way to bring them back.

With an abandoned cart email series, you can see an average of 34 times more orders per recipient than with bulk email alone.

Design your abandoned cart email to match your brand

When customers leave stuff behind, we'll send an email with their cart information. All you need to do is add your logo and write a few lines of copy.

Recapture lost sales from anywhere

If your business keeps you on the go, you can turn on an abandoned cart email that we create for you in our mobile app. Once you get a notification to set it up, we’ll send it every time a shopper abandons their cart.

See how it all adds up

Get insights into your marketing that go beyond opens and clicks. Our in-depth reports show you what products you’ve sold and how many sales you’ve recovered.

Give customers even more reason to return to your store

Encourage customers to add more stuff to their cart with personalized product recommendations. We use your store’s purchase data to suggest things we think shoppers will like.

“Our abandoned cart email is something that’s very special to us. This is our opportunity to really convince a customer to purchase, because they’ve already expressed very deep interest in our product.”

Ricky Choi, co-founder of Nice Laundry

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Easy to set up

  • 01

    Connect your store

    Your Mailchimp account integrates with hundreds of e-commerce apps and services, so you can sync your sales data with your list and make your marketing more relevant to your customers.

  • 02

    Choose when to send the email

  • 03

    Add your design

  • 04

    Start recovering shopping carts

    Example of an abandoned cart email that says don't forget about us.

    Turn on your email to recapture the interest of people who have abandoned their shopping carts while you focus on other things.

Example of how to set a delay for your email to send.
Example of how to add your logo and other brand designs in a few clicks.
Example of an abandoned cart email that says don't forget about us.

Getting shoppers back to checkout with Topo Designs

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Start sending your abandoned cart email