Mailchimp for Shopify

Connect Shopify to sync your store data, send targeted campaigns to your customers, and sell more stuff.

How Mailchimp and Shopify help you grow

Unlock more features

When you sync your store data with Mailchimp, you get smart marketing features like automation, ads, and campaigns powered by customer behaviors and shopping history from Shopify.

Segment your Shopify customers

Once you connect, it’s easy to create segments for your marketing that target customers based on data like products purchased, total orders, or purchase date.

Connect all your data

Connect Shopify with Mailchimp so you can see the impact of your marketing campaigns on your customer growth, site traffic, and sales.

Here’s what else you unlock when you connect your store.

Reach your audience with automations

Our marketing automation tools talk to your customers just like you would, so you can focus on running your business. They’re the fastest, easiest way to follow up with your customers, get feedback, and more.

Sell more stuff with Mailchimp

From personalized product recommendations to abandoned cart automations, there are lots of ways to reach your people with targeted messages that arrive at just the right moment to help you make more sales.

Stay in touch with order notifications

Create personalized shipping notifications, invoices, and other customer notification emails that match your branding. Then, encourage your audience to return to your store with smart product recommendations.

Get new eyes on your business with ad campaigns

Use your customer data to build Facebook and Instagram ads that promote your business and expand your reach. Track engagement and ROI to see which ads help you win new customers and sell more stuff.

Grow your customer list with pop-up forms

Increase your list growth rate by creating mobile-friendly pop-up forms for your online store. You can easily customize the design, timing, and placement of the form, and then automatically publish in one click—no coding required. We've found that placing a pop-up form on your site can increase your list growth rate by 50%.

Do more with your data

From pre-built segments that help you target your audience, to analytics reporting that gives you the full picture of how marketing grows your sales, we give you lots of ways to get smarter with your marketing.

“Mailchimp takes all this data from our Shopify store, does magic, and recommends products customers might want. We’ve definitely seen an increase in engagement and click-throughs.”

April May, owner of Smudge Ink

See how it works

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Before you begin

Mailchimp for Shopify allows you to connect a single Shopify store to a Mailchimp account. Shopify's default checkout setting adds customers as subscribers to your Mailchimp list. To comply with best practices, we recommend you change the default setting.

Shopify customers who haven't signed up for marketing emails will appear in your list as non-subscribed contacts, and can get transactional emails or social ads.

Shopify data synced to a Mailchimp list will overwrite existing contact Information.


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