Camp Tech

For when you need to learn more about Mailchimp. Practical, fun and friendly Mailchimp training and consulting in Toronto. (and beyond!)

Toronto, Canada

Camp Tech hosts practical in-person tech workshops for non-technical people. Anyone can sign up for our classes in Toronto, or attend our group training across North America (offered through small business centres, libraries, Regional Innovation Centres, BIAs, professional associations and even the Library of Parliament!) Whether you’re looking to learn the basics of Mailchimp, or hoping for some in-depth training and consulting, we can help.

Image of people in a classroom

Our bright and airy classroom in downtown Toronto

Watch and learn what we're all about.

Image with text The province of ontario hired us to deliver 60 workshops in rural communities. start the car. we're hitting the road

SIXTY workshops across Ontario.

Image with text We've been in business for 6.5 years Whoa. That's a long time.

We've been around a while.

Image with text our community loves us. Seriously. our repeat customer rate is huge.

Our community loves us.

Image of text with We're a proudly woman owned company. Sisters be doing it for themselves, ya'll.

We're a proudly woman owned company