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Digital agency based in Joliette, Québec, Canada specializing in websites creations, webmarketing strategies, automations, online courses & e-commerce.

Joliette, Canada
+1 4508038040

My name is Julye Lamontagne, I'm from Québec (Canada) and one of the services I provide is to create websites with webmarketing strategies on them such as collecting emails and the Product Launch Formula from Jeff Walker. I've learned about his work through the best French online worldwide course on webmarketing from a famous French Speaker named Martin Latulippe. So I create websites in French or in English with powerful webmarketing tools combined with high performance strategies give big results. I launched an online course that help people configure and use about 20 free apps already available on the Internet that only a few people know about and that I use everyday. They are powerful tools - and FREE! Also, I am currently doing, as a student, a coaching class and I want to specialize in helping entrepreneurs get more organized, more efficient, save more time and more money by doing everyday tasks in a more efficient way with the right tools and then achieve the same (or even better) results in less time and efforts. I'll be offering these services from January 2019 as I'll be International Certified Coach from ICF. (English and French services).

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