Frontier 1862

We assist our clients in creating captivating, luxury email campaigns that build lifelong relationships with potential customers and clients.
United States

Got something you REALLY need to get off your chest? Launching a new product? Just want to say hi? Emails are the PERFECT way to do that.

With the formation of Frontier 1862, I started with the belief that emails are the modern form of a handwritten letter. Remember how excited you were as a kid to write letters to people? I never got over that!

Utilizing our more left-brained creative skills and combining them with the technical skills needed to trigger a campaign at JUST the right moment, we have turned our client’s email dreams into email realities!

Apple Mac Desktop and iPhone against black background displaying interior design e-commerce site.

West of Main - Interior Design Company Labor Day Sale Campaign

Apple Mac desktop and iPhone displaying the two different layouts for clothing and apparel e-commerce site.

ISOUDE 10 Year Anniversary Sale email campaign

Apple Mac and iPhone displaying two views of lingerie e-commerce store.

Revival Intimates welcome email automation

“She went above and beyond for me. Truly facilitated my needs... I'm very happy with the high standard of service Robyn provided and in a timely responsive fashion. Thank you!”
“Robyn has been amazing and very conscientious in all aspects of what was required to complete the tasks, and went over and above to help me. I would highly recommend Robyn to everyone! Amazing person!”
“Robyn did an excellent job of interpreting my verbal description into visuals that were exactly what I needed. She was quick with the work and willing to make changes when requested”