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Creating an email marketing strategy

The strategy defines the purposes and tasks of the mailing, its guidelines. It is a plan to start and organize the work of email marketing, to avoid mistakes that threaten the reputation of your company, and to correctly assess the effectiveness of mailing. In the process of its creation, factors such as the general strategy of the organization, the direction of business and the data obtained in the preliminary analysis are taken into account. You need to develop this strategy if you do not need a permanent email marketer in your state, as well as if you own a small business, plan to test the channel or supplement the list of duties of your company's marketer.

Strategy development is carried out in stages:

1) a detailed study of the company, including the analysis of the target audience, drawing up a strategy for working with it and drawing up a 2) portrait of the subscriber. 3) analysis of competitors and the market. 4) forecasting of key performance indicators and setting goals. 5) development of life cycle options for the subscriber. 6) development of recommendations for expanding the subscriber base. 7) development of the subscription form (+ A / B-testing). 8) development of options for segmenting the customer base. development of ideas, topics of letters. 9) Develop ideas for triggers and transactional emails. 10) Development of ideas for regular contextual and advertising mailings. 11) setting up SPF and DKIM against spamming and developing other recommendations for implementing the strategy.

What are you getting

Using the service of creating an email marketing strategy, in addition to tasks, goals and specific deadlines for implementing the strategy, you will receive:

1) detailed map of letters, which shows the full path of the subscriber; a table of letters containing goals and detailed recommendations for each letter; 2) table with data on competitors; 3) additional documents, for example, a template of the technical task for the designer, etc.

Implementation of the strategy

If you already have a ready-made strategy, I can do it with customization and implementation. We take on the following tasks: setting up the work of the mailing service, developing individual design and adaptive layout of letters, setting up tasks for the copywriter (if necessary, creating sales texts), setting up transactional letters or setting up tasks for setting up the programmer, starting automatic letters, developing templates for advertising and contextual letters, compilation of a monthly content plan. We can conduct the newsletter on an ongoing basis.

Work as an email marketer on an ongoing basis

We can perform the work of an email marketer remotely, on an ongoing basis. I take on existing projects or perform email marketing settings from scratch on a turn-key basis. There are 5 years of experience in all of the above tasks, including sending regular letters, analytics and optimization on schedule from Monday to Sunday.

Development of individual design and adaptive layout of letters We develop ready-made templates of letters, we provide them to you in HTML format. Advertising texts I write independently, if their creation does not require specific knowledge. If you need texts on specialized topics, such as medicine, construction, narrow industries, put the task of writing a text to a professional copywriter.

We develop unique letters and provide a template that the client can independently modify for a specific case. Templates are adapted for mobile traffic, displayed in all email services.