HUEMOR is an interactive design studio from Long Island, New York.

Farmingdale, New York
+1 631-393-6116

HUEMOR is a web design company that prides itself as being a strategic partner first, and an awesome product provider second.

What we mean by that is we really like to take the time to understand a new clients business, their pain points, what they're looking to accomplish, and where they want to be. When applicable, we look at their competitive landscape and understand how, where, and why their competitors are succeeding. We then devise a plan that allows the client to differentiate themselves, find their true voice, and improve overall visibility.

Design, development, and digital marketing are the services we use to accomplish these goals, but they're always though of as “tools” per say for accomplishing the goals and solving problems. We sell strategy first, and technology second.

A custom email template for a shoe company
A custom email template for the Lovie Awards