LifeFeed Network

LifeFeed Network was established to provide digital marketing and design to businesses big and small.

New Zealand

I wanted LifeFeed Network to be simple yet affordable for business' to acquire such marketing and design into their organisations' whilst also being taught the skills themselves.

For me, this is what I wanted the Life Feed Network to be.

LFN specialises in digital marketing, however, also provide design concepts which brings the whole marketing package together to create a unique experience for your clientele.

image of logo featuring text that says RKD Holdings in navy blue font and underlined. The words end into an image with a house and graph inside it.

New logo for a client trading on the Australian Stock Exchange.

“Innovative concept designs, delivers on time and within budget! Highly recommended Life Feed Network for all your Marketing needs.”
“Brittany (Life Feed's founder) has created a magnificent marketing plan, portraying our organisation as professional and sophisticated.”
“Shortly after Life Feed designed and launched our new website, ProRotor received an influx of work which has since increased!”