Author & Publishing Strategist

Brighton, Michigan

Empowering and educating authors with marketing that actually works.

Whether you prefer to learn at your own pace via pre-recorded video lessons or to look over her shoulder and ask questions as she both does the work and teaches you how to do it as well, Melissa Storm has got your covered.

Melissa won't just tell you WHAT to do, she'll also explains both WHY and HOW. After all, there's a reason why she continues to be recognized as one of the most respected marketers in the publishing industry since 2011.

Her master's degree in Quantitative Sociology and Survey Methodology makes her great with analyzing numbers and applying them to real-life situations. And as a USA Today bestselling author herself and the owner of 6 separate author service corporations, Melissa stays on top of the market, loves innovating, and works hard for the right people.

Work with Melissa on honing your brand, developing your launch plan, optimizing your newsletter to sell more books, creating graphics for launch, producing a book trailer, setting up a launch week giveaway using multiple platforms, creating a fun quiz for readers, encouraging read through, selling pre-orders for the next book in your series, targeting and assessing Facebook ads to both warm and cold leads, running AMS and Bookbub ads, and more.

The heart of what she does, though, is all about creating smart newsletter automation sequences to excite your readers and get them buying and reading right now! Melissa can also help to convert your launch into an evergreen marketing strategy you can use to create a perpetual sales machine for your series.

Been burned by hiring an assistant when what you really need is a strategist? Don't want to be one of hundreds in a roaring sea of clients, making it hard for you to get the attention you need from your consultant?

Then look no further! If you want a self-driven strategist working on your behalf, please reach out today.