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London, United Kingdom
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MailNinja are a trusted email agency and Mailchimp expert from the UK.

Leave your Mailchimp email marketing to the experts. We’ll take your Mailchimp email marketing off your hands – so you can focus on your next big idea.

MailNinja is a full-service email marketing agency. Unlike other agencies, we are 100% email.

Here’s how we help…

Email campaign management

Our in-house Mailchimp experts will create, send and track your Mailchimp email marketing campaigns.

  • A dedicated campaign manager

  • Optimise your emails for mobile screens

  • Hand-design custom graphics

  • Write effective headings, calls-to-action and subject lines

  • Run your emails through our campaign pre-send checklist

  • Create and deploy A/B tests

  • Send your emails at peak times

  • Monthly planning calls

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Mailchimp Training Sessions

If you are new to Mailchimp, or perhaps want to take your email marketing up to the next level, then our Mailchimp training can help you.

  • On-site Mailchimp training at your office

  • Hourly online training sessions, when it suits you best

  • Mentoring programs to help you get better results

Learn about our Mailchimp training

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