Sector 106

Sector 106 is a multi-disciplinary digital marketing agency based in Brighton, UK, with a fresh approach to working with ecommerce clients.

Brighton, United Kingdom

Sector 106

Following our detailed analysis of your individual needs, we create your team of digital marketing specialists. That way, we ensure you get the best people to help you meet your sales targets. Our expert team is your team Our teams integrate with your business; we work from your office, get on board with your objectives and KPIs, share our ideas and expertise in your meetings and talk your language. With Sector 106, you get all the benefits of an expert team with extensive experience across SEO, PPC, CRO, Amazon and marketplace marketing, email and content marketing, social media and User Experience (UX). But, without the expense, risk and hassle of recruiting and training new people.

How it works

Sector 106 founder Mark Garwell acts as your Digital Director. He’s been at the forefront of digital marketing since the early days of SEO and PPC in 1998. Mark works with you to plan your digital campaigns, with KPIs and costings, across all relevant channels and territories. He then pulls together your team of experts based on this blueprint. We set out clearly what we’ll do to meet your strategic objectives. We use robust data to plan, execute, measure, refine and improve all our marketing campaigns. You could spend all your time analysing multiple data streams, but we identify the most relevant data and help you turn it into effective campaigns.