Sphynx Automation

Sphynx Automation helps Mailchimp users create dynamic, segmented and automated email campaigns in order to capture leads and better engage existing customers.

Chandler, Arizona, United States

At Sphynx Automation, what we do is in the name. We take monotonous tasks off your plate and set up your tech to handle them so you can focus on what you do best. We primarily work with financial services and financial-adjacent companies such as financial advisors, accountants, bookkeepers, real estate agents and attorneys.

Our expertise lies in creating engaging, dynamic campaigns that convert leads and retain customers using automation and segmentation. We integrate our clients' other technology platforms with Mailchimp to create a cohesive business process from first contact to ongoing relationship.

In the early stages of the customer life cycle, we use input from your online questionnaire or scheduling software to segment customers by area of interest, allowing you to target your messaging to their personal needs and goals for better conversion. Later on, we segment by stage of the process to send next steps or debriefing emails that get sent before or after a meeting. Finally, for your ongoing customers, we create automated task and event reminders to retain engagement and encourage referrals for new business.

We offer limited design and copywriting services, but we will work as a team with your marketing specialist, branding expert or copywriting genius if you prefer.