Tick The List with Allison Christie

Scotland based digital agency specialising in social media, Facebook Ads, email marketing and messenger marketing.

Scotland, United Kingdom

Helping you get your content seen! A small, focused team of experts in social media marketing, email marketing, messenger automation and Facebook Ads. We help Mailchimp customers with GDPR list management, email list organising and tidy up. We also help design and set up lead magnet delivery campaigns, nurture sequences, automations, trickle and ecommerce campaigns. We also help with designing and delivering ongoing regular email content. We’re that mix of strategy, planning and marketing know-how along with the tech skills to deliver and the creativity to design emails to be seen and be opened. We offer both done-for-you services as well as in-house (online) training sessions, power hours and strategy planning sessions for you and your team. Our online training workshops are there to help you expertly train your staff wherever they are based and are all delivered in a friendly, easy to follow way with real-life examples, hand-holding and your questions answered along the way. Manage your email lists, train your staff, increase your open rates, deliver well planned email sequences - all delivered with GDPR compliance in mind every step of the way.