Improve your performance

Which day of the week leads to higher open rates? What subject lines are most effective? Should you use a different name in the "From" field? Does sending time affect click rate? Will the use of different templates, content, or calls to action affect subscriber engagement? Answer all these questions and more with a few clicks in MailChimp.

Find out how Wombi uses A/B testing to send the emails customers are looking for

“It's not always obvious what's going to resonate best with our customers, but with Mailchimp we get this robust, statistically significant way to figure it out. We've been able to identify a strategy that doubled our engagement and revenue.”

Wombi Rose, co-founder of Lovepop
Find out how Wombi uses A/B testing to send the emails customers are looking for

Decide what type of test you’d like to run, and determine the size of your sample groups. Build up to 3 variations on each test, using different content, send times, and more. We’ll perform the test and let you know which option worked best. We’ll even send the winning campaign to the portion of your list that didn’t receive the test.

Choose up to 3 testing variables, the size of your test audience, and the metric — open rate, click rate, manual selection — that will determine your winning campaign.

Toggle between your test campaigns with one click as you edit and design the variables.

Take a high level view of your test campaigns, writing a brief description of each so you can distinguish them later.

Winning campaigns determined by open or click rate will be scheduled automatically. If you chose manual selection, you can review the data and decide which campaign to send.