Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns are a smart, easy way to reach new audiences and sell more stuff. With MailChimp, you get a clear picture of which ads are making you money and winning new customers, with no added fees from us.

How he finds new customers with Facebook ads

“Facebook ads have really impacted our business in a great way. This is just one more opportunity for our brand to make an impression. I like the fact that I can go into MailChimp, create my email campaigns and also do Facebook ads at the same time.”

Sean Tice, founder of Brooklyn Slate
How he finds new customers with Facebook ads

Ad Designer

Set up an ad in a few steps

Quickly create eye-catching carousel or single-image ads that drive people to your website. You can even set them up when you’re on the go in our mobile app. And if you’ve built a landing page in MailChimp, we’ll create an ad from your page’s content to help you promote it.

Product photos from Muttonhead

Similar People

Smart targeting, powered by your contacts

Find new customers with the help of people who already love you. Targeting an audience that’s similar to your MailChimp list can even lead to a 29% better ROI than interest targeting alone.

ROI Reporting

See what you’re getting for your money

When you connect your store, you’ll get a detailed report that shows you what products you’ve sold and how many customers you’ve acquired, so you can make better decisions about your spending.

No fees from us

With MailChimp, there are no extra costs for placing ads, so you pay the same as you would directly through Facebook.

Want to advertise on Instagram?
We can help you with that, too.
Learn about Instagram ads
Want to advertise on Instagram?@ We can help you with that, too.