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Find new friends with Facebook ad tools

Mailchimp is here to help you to find your people on social. Get your message out into the world, get more likes, and sell more stuff with our Facebook ads tool.

Example of a single-image Facebook ad that includes a shop now button

Connect your Mailchimp data in our Facebook ads tool to create campaigns people will love.

Multiple ways to target an audience and optimize your Facebook marketing

Find new people

Use your best contacts to find new people with similar interests.

Target your contacts

Reach out to people who already love you and your stuff.

Define your reach

Zero in on specific demographics and interests to build an audience.

Retarget site visitors

Reconnect with people on your social channels after they leave your site.

Facebook Ads

Get people's attention, bring them back to your site

Keep people interested in your stuff even after they leave your site with a Facebook retargeting ad. Your visitors will see your ads while browsing on Facebook and Instagram, giving them a clear path back to your site when they’re ready to buy.

See what sells on social

When you connect your store, you can see how your ads grow your sales, get you new customers, and boost your ROI. It all works together to help you make smarter decisions.

Use your fans to make friends

Find new friends with the help of your contacts. We’ve found that using your Mailchimp list for Facebook ad targeting is 25% more successful than interest targeting alone.

Create new Facebook campaigns quickly

We make it easy to create Facebook ads for your campaigns. It’s all in Mailchimp, so you can create, buy, and track the results of your ads in one familiar place.

With our Facebook ads tool, it only takes a few steps to create an ad

  • 01

    Define your target

    Audience and budget step of the Facebook ad builder

    Decide who will see your ad and set your budget. You can target people similar to your contacts or choose certain demographics.

  • 02

    Design your ad

    Content step of the Facebook ad builder where you add images and a headline">

    Add some eye‑catching content and messaging, then choose a clear call to action. We’ll walk you through it step by step.

  • 03

    Review and submit

    Example of a single-image Facebook ad that reads shop our spring sale and includes a shop now button.

    Check out your ad one last time, then hit submit. You’ll start seeing reports within 24 hours with likes, sales, and more.

Audience and budget step of the Facebook ad builder
Content step of the Facebook ad builder where you add images and a headline">
Example of a single-image Facebook ad that reads shop our spring sale and includes a shop now button.

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“Facebook ads have impacted our business in a great way. I like the fact that I can go into Mailchimp, create my email campaigns, and also do the Facebook ads at the same time.”

Sean Tice, founder of Brooklyn Slate


  • If you need to cancel or pause an ad campaign on Facebook, click the Campaigns tab and select All campaigns. You’ll then be able to view all the ads currently circulating. From there, locate and click the drop-down menu next to the ad you want to manage. You’ll have the option to Pause, End, Rename, or Replicate the ad.

  • To connect your Facebook account to Mailchimp, click the Integrations icon in your Mailchimp account. Then, you’ll look for the Facebook integration and select it. You may be prompted to provide your login details and approve a few permissions.

    Once you’ve connected your Facebook to Mailchimp, you can create and post ads to the social networking site. Plus, you can design, publish, and review the performance of your ads without ever leaving Mailchimp–allowing you to work on a single platform.

  • Facebook is one of the largest social media networks in the world, so running ads on this platform can be a worthwhile investment. Mailchimp empowers marketers to create beautiful and unique ads with an easy-to-use design platform. Not only can you make advertisements that reflect your brand, products, and services, but you can also run and manage Facebook ads in one centralized location. If Mailchimp is also connected to your store, we can help you keep track of customers acquired, revenue, and sales made from ads.

  • You can choose the audience you want to target after connecting to Facebook. Potential target audiences include:

    • New people with similar interests to your contacts
    • Existing users who’ve shown interest in your brand

    With our Facebook ad tool, you can also reach a custom audience by defining the demographic, age range, interest keywords, or gender. This enables you to target consumers that are more likely to become prospects and make a purchase. Plus, you can use retargeting ads to reconnect with shoppers who visited your site.

  • Once you’ve built your audience, set your budget and ad schedule, and designed the ad, it’s time to submit it for approval. Facebook requires your advertisement to go through a review process to ensure all ad guidelines are met. There are many reasons why Facebook may reject an ad, including grammar mistakes, profanity, and misleading practices.

    We’ll always keep you in the loop, so you’ll know if your ad is approved or rejected. If it’s rejected, you can update the ad and resubmit it using our Facebook ads software.

  • Yes, you can integrate with Facebook ads using Mailchimp. Our Facebook ads tool allows you to run ads on the social media platform. From images to slideshows, you can design engaging ads to showcase your products or services and target specific demographics. Paid ads can appear on Facebook feeds, Messenger, and non-Facebook apps or websites.

    With the help of Mailchimp, you can:

    • Find new people using existing contacts
    • Target contacts to stay top of mind
    • Define your audience
    • Reconnect with site visitors

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