Google Remarketing Ad Campaigns

Turn your website visitors into customers

Recapture the attention of people who leave your site and bring them back when they’re ready to buy.

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Our data shows that combining email with Google remarketing ads can boost your sales by an average of 107%.

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Bring back shoppers—wherever they go online

When someone visits your site, a lot can happen between browsing stuff they like and placing an order. With Google remarketing ads, you can bring back people who leave the moment they’re ready to buy.

Set up once to recapture sales in the background

Design and run your ad in a few clicks, and we’ll automatically generate thousands of different ad sizes to display across more than 2 million sites in the Google Display Network. We’ll even create ads from your best-selling products when you connect your store.

Watch your bottom line grow

Retargeting ads help you generate more revenue than other types of advertising, and they give a boost to all the other marketing you already do. And our in-depth reports will help you track how your ads are doing in terms of revenue, first-time buyers, products sold, ROI, and more.

Make all your marketing channels work harder

Combining Google remarketing ads with the other marketing channels you already use helps your brand’s message travel faster. Mailchimp gives you all the tools you need to create integrated campaigns, so you can talk to customers at every step of their journey. Drive people to your site with an email or a Facebook and Instagram ad. Then, bring back people who leave with a retargeting ad.

“Retargeting ads are an incredibly important part of our business now. We send ads through Mailchimp, because it’s really like having a second brain. It saves us time, it saves us resources, everything is in one place, and it’s intuitive.”

Carol Proschan, owner of Simply Gum

How retargeting helps her business

Bring back shoppers the moment they’re ready to buy.


Attract website visitors

Someone visits your site to check out the cool stuff you have to offer.


Keep them interested

Later, they start to see ads for your site across the web.


Bring them back

You’ve caught their eye. Now they’ll return to your site ready to buy.

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